Cover Reveal: "Daniel Vanished," my upcoming mystery novel.

Here's the cover for my upcoming mystery novel, due out in April 2024.

Cover Reveal: "Daniel Vanished," my upcoming mystery novel.

So yeah, I also have a book coming out soon. In the header of this article you will get an early look at the cover for my upcoming mystery novel Daniel Vanished. It technically appeared for the first time in the closing moments of my new YouTube video on the Koscot Interplanetary scam, but only those hardy souls who ventured to the end saw it. But here it is, and I think it looks great. It was designed by Cherie Fox, a freelance artist from the UK. This is her second cover for me. She also designed the beautiful cover for The Son Thief, my crime thriller novel which came out in 2022.

Daniel Vanished is the story of a long-cold missing persons case that turns into a live murder mystery, and a road trip through the U.S. Southwest. In 1991, Daniel Christie walks out of a hotel room in Las Vegas at 3:30 in the morning after an argument with a friend and is never seen again. Or is he? Thirty-two years later Daniel's former childhood best friend Kenny, still obsessed with the case, joins forces with a true crime podcaster to solve the case after the podcaster's lucky guess leads the police to Daniel's bones buried in a shallow desert grave. It's a bit of an unconventional mystery, but a fun one, and if you've read my previous books you'll probably enjoy it.

I haven't talked much about Daniel Vanished on this blog (except for a brief in-progress look nearly a year ago), but it's been simmering along in the background for quite a while. It was an especially troublesome book to write and went through numerous frustrating setbacks and permutations along the way. The final version is significantly different even than the one that existed when I did that article. I finally finished it during the terrible Pacific Northwest heat wave of July 2023, ironically the exact same time that my YouTube channel was blowing up. The attention I've had to pay to videos since then made the usual process of revising and preparing Daniel Vanished for publication much slower than it would otherwise have gone.

You can't yet preorder Daniel Vanished on Amazon, though it will become available soon. It will be released some time in April, and you can get it in ebook and paperback format. I'll make another announcement on this blog when it becomes available, and I'll talk a bit more about the book itself. In the meantime, enjoy the cover!

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