A brief blog hiatus, and a photo from Mexico.

Here's why you haven't heard from me in a little while.

A brief blog hiatus, and a photo from Mexico.

You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything on the Garden for a while. I've been on a trip this past week and I'm spending this weekend in Monterrey, Mexico, so the blog is on a brief hiatus. Things will be returning to more-or-less normal (what's normal?) next week, and regular articles will resume.

Here in Monterrey, naturally I had to see the local history museum, which was fascinating. Visiting a local friend here who is well-versed in the history of this region, I observed yesterday, and she agreed, that so much of Mexico's history and culture really stems from the Spanish conquest of the 16th century. Everything Mexico is, from its language, religious customs, food, politics and identity, is a fusion of Spanish culture with local and native traditions. I have a passing familiarity with the Spanish conquest of Mexico as a general subject, but have never really delved more deeply into it. I may be motivated to as a result of this trip.

In any event, here is a photo from the museum (the Mexican History Museum) that is a good representation of my thoughts while here.

Thanks, as always, for reading the blog, and I'll be back to normal posting soon. There's lots coming up in the spring, such as the official announcement on my new book, announcements on my upcoming video and online classes, and a new series on cinema of the '90s.

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